Volume & Issue: Volume 1, Issue 2, December 2022 
Cover for Volume 1, Issue 2, 2022

A hybrid method of successive linearization method (SLM) and collocation method to steady regime of the reaction-diffusion equation

Pages 1-7


Elyas Shivanian; Eghbal Mohammadi

An efficient iterative method for finding the Moore-Penrose and Drazin inverse of a matrix

Pages 8-19


Raziyeh Erfanifar

A class of efficient derivative free iterative method with and without memory for solving nonlinear equations

Pages 20-26


Raziyeh Erfanifar

Reproducing kernel method for Abel's second kind singular integral equations

Pages 27-34


Nazi Abdollahi; Saeid Abbasbandy

Newton-Krylov generalized minimal residual algorithm in solving the nonlinear two-dimensional integral equations of the second kind on non-rectangular domains with an error estimate

Pages 35-45


Hafez Yari; Mehdi Delkhosh

Numerical investigation of differential biological models via Gaussian RBF collocation method with genetic strategy

Pages 46-64


Fardin Salehi; Soleiman Hashemi Shahraki; Mohammad Kazem Fallah; Mohammad Hemami

A computational method to solve fractional-order Fokker-Planck equations based on Touchard polynomials

Pages 65-73


Sedigheh Sabermahani; Yadollah Ordokhani