Submission: Your manuscripts should be written in Good English and using LaTeX. By submitting, the authors confirm that their articles have been neither published nor submitted for publication elsewhere.

Submissions should be sent online in the web site: and by emailing the PDF file of your manuscripts to the Editor-in-Chief (Masoud Hajarian) at:


LaTeX: A LaTeX template is available for this journal. Please save the LaTeX template to your hard drive and open it. You are recommended to use LaTeX template to prepare your manuscript and BibTeX to generate your bibliography. 


Refereeing process: Our review process type is the single-blind peer review.

After the Editor-in-Chief approves that a submitted paper meets the aims and scope of the journal, it will be sent to one or two experts, advised by the Associate Editor, to review it. The refereeing should be completed in three months, unless the paper is longer than 15 pages.

Based on the referee's report, the Associate Editors decides on the paper as:

 (1) The paper is accepted without changes, (2) The paper is accepted subject to minor changes, in which case the revised version should be sent back to the journal in at most one month, (3) The paper will be accepted subject to more substantial changes being made, in which case the revised version should be sent back to the journal in at most two months, (4) The paper might be acceptable but requires major revisions, in which case the paper will be regarded as withdrawn and any new version will be regarded as a new submission,  (5) The paper is rejected.


Accepted articles: If a paper is accepted, the corresponding author will be required to provide the original TeX files of it, without changes, using the style of the journal given in the link (cmcma.tex and cmcma.cls). Please ensure the references are produced in the same style as the sample article.


Copyright: The authors of the accepted papers, by sending the final original files of theirs articles, agree that the copyright of their articles are transferred to this journal. Also, they should notice that we follow the CC BY creative commons copyright license.